Try yoga for a flawless skin

It’s no secret that Yoga is great for both the mind and the body. Yoga combines the mental, physical and spiritual aspect of well-being and offers an experience that is unlike any other exercise. Anyone who practices yoga will attest to the fact that it is one of a complete form of exercise that benefits almost all systems of the body.

But did you know that yoga can also work wonders for your skin? Ever wondered how all these Hollywood stars have such a flawless skin? Well, apart from maintaining a proper diet and a regular exercise program, most of them give credit for their radiant, flawless skin to yoga and meditation. If you practice yoga, you can also get amazingly healthy looking skin with that natural glow.

Acne is the most common form of skin condition that affects millions of people all over the world. Although there are not many studies that establish any direct correlation between acne and yoga, there is a clear indication that yoga can remove pimples. As explained on, zits form due to the production of excess oil by the sebaceous glands, and when this oil clogs the pores of the skin, it leads to acne. The sebum (oil) often mixes with the dead skin forming a plug that clogs the pores and allows the bacteria to fester and results in the formation of black or white heads which transform into full blown pimples soon.

What is the role of yoga?

To understand the role that yoga can play in controlling acne, we have to first understand the cause of the excess sebum secretion. It is a well-documented fact that stress plays a crucial role in regulating the hormonal balance, which in turn affects the oil production. The stress hormone, cortisol, is well known to cause pimple breakouts.

This is precisely where yoga comes in. Numerous studies have shown that doing yoga on a regular basis can decrease the amount of cortisol in the blood. This causes the stress related side effects to go away, including acne and other skin conditions.

Stress is a double-edged sword that not only destroys you mentally but wreaks havoc on your general health as well. Stress can cause massive acne breakouts and controlling stress is one of the best ways to treat and prevent acne.

Yoga can help you relieve that stress and help you attain that glowing and healthy-looking young skin. There are many asanas that you can do for a clearer skin and relieve all the stress built up due to the modern lifestyle. Here are some of the best yoga poses (asanas) that you can try for healthy skin:


This is a perfect pose for a beginner. It’s very easy to do as well. All it involves is bending forward in a standing position. This simple asana helps to increase the blood flow to the face that instantly makes a difference. Doing this asana regularly will help you get that healthy glow on your face. The key is to hold the pose as long as it is possible for you.


Headstand or Sirsasana is also great to improve the blood flow to the head and face. All you need to do is stand on your head and hold the pose for as long as possible. Although it can be a bit difficult to master for beginners, if done regularly, it can give you that radiant glow on your skin.

Uttanasana is the next level of the Hastapadotasana. In this pose, you bend forward so as to touch the palms of your hands to the ground. This asana is great for pushing the toxins away from the system for healthy skin.

Adho-Mukha savasana

More commonly known as the downward facing dog, this pose is great for getting rid of those pesky wrinkles and frown lines from your face.


This is also called the bow pose. This asana primarily involves deep breathing that helps in filling the lungs with oxygen and getting rid of the accumulated toxins.


The term ‘setu’ in Sanskrit means bridge. This bridge pose can help you get a younger looking skin and get rid of all those wrinkles.

Surya Namaskar

These are a set of very common yoga exercises and involve salutation to the sun. These poses have some significant advantages and should be performed every morning. These asanas were traditionally performed as a salutation to the energy source of the universe, the sun.

There are 12 poses in Surya Namaskar. You can read more about these here (StyleCraze). Practicing these asanas regularly early in the morning can help you get a healthy body that you have always dreamt about.